Your Financial Navigator

FE360 is a boutique firm that provides The Financial Navigator Process for its clients. The process strives to provide clients with predictable strategies to address income, tax, retirement and life event planning needs. Joe Sausele assists clients in framing their priorities, goals and challenges in the context of IRS, pension, Social Security, and Medicare laws and regulations. Jason Lutz provides specific products and investment strategies to address each client’s individualized objectives.

For more than a decade the FE360 Team has focused much of its efforts on public school employees in St. Louis County and surrounding areas. The Pension Navigator is the system that grew from that work. It is designed to develop a customized plan based on pension options that fit the personal and professional goals of the individual. The process is applicable for individuals making decisions regarding corporate and government pension benefits.

The planning process for each client goes beyond pension based decisions. With that in mind the team at FE360 developed a broader process, The Retirement Navigator. It is designed to help each individual or family develop a customized plan and set a course to help secure their future. The process provides a framework for families based on current and future needs in areas including, but not limited to, retirement, education and ongoing tax planning. The FE360 team works with their clients to identify strategies designed to provide predictable income beyond their working years.

There are times when our clients seek ideas for one or more specific financial issues and request ideas to address it. In these situations FE360 offers Strategies Based Planning that focuses explicitly on addressing those concerns. Complimentary individual and group consultations are available to provide an overview of these processes and other services and strategies that FE360 provides. Complimentary consultations are offered free of charge or obligation.